5 Amazon Recommended Books We Couldn’t Put Down

Winter's Mourn

Mary Stone

“Having read Winter’s Origin I knew I had to follow Winter as an FBI agent who had an objective in mind–to find the murderer of her parents and the abductor of her younger brother. She had very unusual abilities ever since she woke out of the coma from that fateful night. When the color red appears she knows she has found a suspect in which ever case she is working.
She is paired with another rookie and sent to the town where it all happened. It seems that a body has been found–and then more bodies and more bodies! All but one are very young children–Agent Black and her too handsome partner are bound and determined to get to the bottom of it all–even though the local police are not very helpful–at least not at the beginning.
There was a deep dark secret in this town–and it took all Winter’s ingenuity and special abilities to ferret out the truth and save her old friend–and a young girl.
Meanwhile the person who had murdered her family was watching and dropping notes–actually stalking Winter–
When you get to the end of this psychological thriller most but not all will be revealed. I read it in one sitting-I could not put it down! I will definitely be reading more of this series–Mary Stone knows how to write a thriller!”  MikiHope –  Amazon Reader

21st Birthday

James Patterson

“21st Birthday is the 21st book in the Women’s Murder Club by James Patterson and is a 5 star read.
The one thing you are guaranteed with a James Patterson book is a thrilling story from the first page until the last and this book is no different. 

The women’s murder club are looking into the disappearance of a young mother and her baby and the fingers are pointing at her husband but as more bodies show up they realise that they have a serial killer on their hands and time is running out before the next bodies are found. I’m a huge James Patterson fan everything he writes is brilliant.”  – Nikki, Amazon Reader

A Deadly Influence

Mike Omer

“This book caught my attention right away: Abby is in a dangerous situation on scaffolding high above the city trying to negotiate with a jumper. Not really gripping, because it is temporary, but still catching. The writer uses a variety of techniques to bring us into her world.
The characters are great. I like thrillers that have complex and interesting characters. It can’t just be about the chase. Abby has curious flaws. But then she has a work partner, an ex, children,
Evil also has a name and bad habits. Then it turns out that Abby has a past and it all gets more complicated. Her connections are suddenly more important. I like a thriller to have a good story, good writing, and interesting characters. This has all three.” – Trouble, Amazon Reader

The Light Through the Leaves

Glendy Vanderah

“I had not read the author’s previous book, so her masterful writing style pleasantly surprised me. She does not write about easy subjects in this book: kidnapping, divorce, loss, grief… and that’s just scratching the surface. 
The author has created three-dimensional characters who are believable even if they don’t feel wholly relatable. Even if we suffered a similar tragic loss as Ellis did, few of us would quit our lives (thank goodness!). Yet the author manages to make Ellis’s journey true to herself, even if we wouldn’t take her path. One thing I loved about this book is how it felt as though nature was a character unto itself. The author’s love of it surely shines through!
If you enjoy beautifully written stories that explore darker aspects of being human, you will most likely enjoy this book.” – Jamie Bee, Amazon Reader

Drown Her Sorrows

Melinda Leigh

“This is a thrilling mystery that hits close to home for Bree and Matt. The suspense is kept simmering throughout with twists and turns I surely didn’t see coming. I love that Bree is finally becoming more comfortable with her new role in the family and her slowly developing relationship with Matt. 

I truly enjoy this series and though this is the third in the series it can be read standalone just fine.” – D. Antonio, Amazon Reader